Exterior Primer Price | Nerolac Paints | Pack Size: 20 Litre,

Nerolac Paints Exterior Primer price 1 ltr, 20 litre price, colours shades, 10 4 colors
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Price ₹1883
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20 Litre 1883
Product Specifications
Packaging Size 20 Litres,
Brand Nerolac Paints
Colour available White & 2892 other shades
Finish Na
Washability NA
Type Primer
Category Exterior

Nerolac Paints Exterior Primer Pack Size: 20 Litre,

A water based wall coating suitable for application on exteriors as a primer to exterior emulsions.

How To Apply Primer | Exterior Primer Nerolac Paints

1. Prepare the wall: Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dust, greases and previous paint.
2. Inspect the surface: Find the dents, holes, and imperfections that need to be fixed. Use wall putty or plaster to fill them up and sand the wall to get a smooth surface.
3. Cover all the open surfaces that do not need to be painted including switchboards.
4. Apply the primer: Apply one or two coats depending on the paint type you are using.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Nerolac Paints A water based wall coating suitable for application on exteriors as a primer to exterior emulsions.

get 20 Litre Exterior Primer Nerolac Paints at the cost of Rs.1883.

Yes, Nerolac Paints Exterior Primer paint Is Applicable For Exterior painting.

basically Nerolac Paints Exterior Primer paint Is Primer paint.

Nerolac Paints Exterior Primer paint provides NA level of washability.

Nerolac Paints Exterior Primer paint provides Na finish sheen level.

Nerolac Exterior Primer

If you have decided to change the appearance of your house exteriors, you cannot directly apply fresh paint coats on the walls. You must first prepare your walls to absorb the paint better. It is where the need to apply a primer comes into the picture. A wall primer is used to improve adhesion, helping paint coats stick better. A Nerolac exterior primer can be an excellent choice as it offers higher opacity and whiteness, ensuring the appearance significantly improves.

Before you shop Nerolac exterior primer and get it applied, ensure your exterior walls are crack-free. If there are any visible wall holes or cracks, they should be filled with a putty mixture. Once the wall surfaces have become even and smoothened, you can apply Nerolac paints primer. To buy Nerolac exterior primer online, you can browse our exterior primer product pages and make the right purchase.

Buy Nerolac Exterior Primer for Your House

A Nerolac exterior primer is a water-based primer that gives excellent and long-lasting film protection on the walls. Since this primer does not chalk, applying it on fresh plaster is also easy. Correct application of the primer ensures your walls retain the applied paint for years to come. You can also expect your walls to get excellent opacity and extra whiteness with primer application. If you want the best results, consider availing the best waterproofing services for your house exteriors before applying any primer. 

Waterproofed exteriors contribute to smoother surfaces, which do an excellent job at retaining paint finish for longer years. You can buy a Nerolac waterproof primer from AapkaPainter, as we only deal with 100% authentic and reliable paint brand products. Besides offering the Nerolac wall primer at reasonable prices, we also provide the best house exterior priming and painting services. Over the past years, our team has completed thousands of house painting projects, and our customers loved the results. 

Contact our team today if you also want to upgrade your house exteriors this season. From filling cracks and holes on wall surfaces to applying top-quality primers and paint- we offer a comprehensive service package. You can contact us to get personalized estimates for your house project.

Benefits of Nerolac Exterior Primer Price

Choosing Kansai Nerolac paints products for adding a protective film on your exterior walls is the best decision you can make. These products are formulated with advanced ingredients that deliver excellent results. Some primary benefits of using Nerolac exterior premium include the following:

Good Opacity

The best part of Nerolac primer is its high opacity. For the uninitiated, opacity refers to how much light passes through a material. If the primer applied to the walls has higher opacity, lower light can pass through it. 

No Chalking

If you use low-quality paint products on your walls, a visible white formation like a chalky powder can take place. It can also happen when the paint weathers with time and the binder is degraded. But if you pick Nerolac primer over others, you can prevent chalking instances.  

Does Not Require Water Curing

You don’t have to use water curing to maintain the moisture levels of the paint or other materials. Nerolac paint products generally have this property, saving significant time and effort for most professionals. 

Long-Lasting Results

Applying coats of Nerolac primer is a guaranteed way of retaining the paint finish for long. It also means a better finish which makes all the difference. 

Better Adhesion

You wouldn’t want your newly-applied paint to start cracking and falling off after a few months. It is generally a common scenario when homeowners use a low-quality primer or avoids the step altogether. Applying Nerolac primer offers the best adhesion benefits, ensuring the paint sticks effortlessly on the walls for long.

Explore Best Offers on Nerolac Exterior Primer Price

Homeowners should never proceed to wall painting till they get the walls primed for the best results. Walls absorb the paint better and retain it for long when they have been perfectly primed. You can invest in a good-quality Nerolac primer since it has been delivering excellent results for years. But the primer cost will vary and depend on the quantity of the primer. You can use a paint cost calculator to get relevant estimates of the entire project.

Although the primer cost will vary, you can get a general idea of the costs by checking the table shared below.


Quantity (Litre)


Nerolac Exterior Primer








The Nerolac wall primer 4 litre price, Nerolac exterior primer 10 litre price, Nerolac exterior primer 20 litre price mentioned above are subject to change, so always look for the latest price before buying the primer. Once the primer has been purchased and applied, you can apply a coat or two of Apcolite advanced emulsion paint. The emulsion can be of any shade you like. The apcolite advanced emulsion price will depend on the shade and quantity, so look for the pricing accordingly. 

Steps to be Followed While Using Nerolac Exterior Primer

A primer cannot be applied directly to house exteriors. You have to prep the walls and ensure no cracks or holes on the surface. The wall prepping can be started with cleaning and sanding the walls. Once the walls are clean, check whether any damages exist that need to be filled. It can be done with putty. The walls should be left to dry for a few hours after applying the putty mixture. Once done, you can easily proceed with applying the primer to the wall surfaces. Primers can take at least four hours or more to dry, depending on the surface length and surroundings of the house exteriors. 

The steps are arduous and require the skilled expertise of professionals. So instead of making it a DIY project, hire the right professionals to do the entire work for you. AapkaPainter has carried out such projects multiple times in the past years and have ravings reviews from our customers. Contact our team today if you want someone reliable who knows the ins and outs of applying primer to house exteriors. Besides applying primer, we can also paint the house exteriors for an impressive finish. You are certainly going to love our work.


Which Primer is Best for Exterior Wall?

Nerolac exterior premium is the go-to product for many professionals. It is a water-based primer known for developing a protective film on wall surfaces. This film helps the walls prevent stains, dust, dirt, etc., and increases adhesion properties. Nerolac primers are cost-effective and give long-lasting results. 

What is the Price of Nerolac Primer?

The price will vary depending on the quantity of primer you wish to purchase. If you want a 4 ltr primer, it may cost approximately Rs. 517. But if you require a higher quantity, like 20 ltr, it may cost around Rs. 1,800 or more. Check our exterior primer product page to get the most accurate price information.   

Is Exterior Primer Waterproof?

Most exterior primers are waterproof, but it is best to read the product details before buying any product. Nerolac primers are the best since they are created using advanced formulations. So look for an exterior premium from Nerolac for the best results.