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Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard

Apex Floor Guard

₹ 321/1 Litre

Indigo Paints Floor Coat Emulsion

Floor Coat Emulsion

₹ 532/1 Litre

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Floor Paint

Floor Paint is a highly durable paint that can withstand impacts from footsteps and vehicle movement. Indigo floor paint has high wear resistance and high adhesive strength. It is a washable paint and comes in variant floor paint colours. These floor coatings have a semi-gloss finish and are easy to apply. 

Indigo and Asian floor paints beautify your exterior floor tiles and protect your flooring from algal or fungal attacks. So if you’re ready to get your Exterior Painting done and want to estimate the amount of paint and cost required, check out our unique Paint Calculator.


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Indigo Floor Paints

Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion is India’s first product that provides protection to cement surfaces, interlock tiles, walkways, driveways, and terrace floors. The prices of Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion range from Rs. 532 to Rs. 4955. This product is available in three different quantities: 1litre, 4 litre, and 10 litre.

 Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion 1 litre price  Rs. 532
 Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion 4 litre price  Rs. 2065
 Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion 10 litre price  Rs. 4955


Asian Floor Paints

Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard is a water-based emulsion and comes with crosslinking formula. It is an all-acrylic emulsion that is highly durable and provides high-resistance coatings. The prices of Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard range from Rs. 321 to Rs. 1237 and is available in 1 litre and 4 litre quantities.

 Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard 1 litre price  Rs. 321
 Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard 4 litre price  Rs. 1237

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Best Apex Floor Guard For Your House

Aian Paints Apex Floor Guard provides superior protection and better abrasion resistance. It also provides excellent adhesion to concrete-based floors and a better sheen that gives beauty to the concrete floors. If you are moving into a new house or renovating your existing home, be sure to use floor paint to offer your outdoor deck a fresh and stunning look. As Apex floor guard price won’t cost you much and is within your budget. 

With AapkaPainter, you can also avail the finest waterproofing and wood painting services in India.


Best Floor Coat Emulsion For Your House

Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion is a special paint that transforms and beautifies your exterior floor tiles and protects your flooring from any fungal attacks. Along with a glossy finish, it provides abrasion resistance from human and vehicular traffic, sun, and rain. Moreover, the Indigo floor coat paint price is affordable and surely fits your pocket.    

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which paint is best for floors?

Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard and Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion are the best paints for concrete and tiled floors.


Is floor paint washable?

Yes, floor paints are readily washable.