Apex Floor Guard Price | Asian Paints | Pack Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre,

Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard price 1 ltr, 20 litre price, colours shades, 10 4 colors
Rich Sheen
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Price ₹321
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Available sizes Price
1 Litre 321
4 Litre 1237
Product Specifications
Packaging Size 1 Litres, 4 Litres,
Brand Asian Paints
Colour available White & 2892 other shades
Finish Rich Sheen
Washability Excellent
Type Emulsion
Category Floor

Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard Pack Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre,

Apex Floor guard is a water based crosslinking all acrylic emulsion which offers superior protection and beauty to cement and concrete based floors.

How To Apply Emulsion | Apex Floor Guard Asian Paints

1. Surface preparation: Clean the wall and remove dust, grease, paint, algae, etc.
2. Apply wall putty: Fill up the cracks, pores or any other damages or simply apply 2-3 coats of full putty.
3. Sand the wall: Smoothen the surface for easy paint application
4. Primer the walls: Dilute the emulsion paint in 80/20 ratio with water and apply as a primer for better adherence of paint.
5. Apply emulsion paint: Dilute the paint by 50/50 ratio on the dry surface. Apply 2nd or 3rd coat after the initial coat is dry.
6. Cleaning: Before any further process ensure there is no single drop of paint on floors or any other place.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Asian Paints Apex Floor guard is a water based crosslinking all acrylic emulsion which offers superior protection and beauty to cement and concrete based floors.

get 1 Litre Apex Floor Guard Asian Paints at the cost of Rs.321.

get 4 Litre Apex Floor Guard Asian Paints at the cost of Rs.1237.

Yes, Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard paint Is Applicable For Floor painting.

basically Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard paint Is Emulsion paint.

Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard paint provides Excellent level of washability.

Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard paint provides Rich Sheen finish sheen level.

Apex floor guard

The walls and floors of your house may go through a lot of wear and tear as the years pass by. To keep your home looking fresh and new would be vital. Here is how you can do so.

Apex floor guard

When the concept of painting has evolved a lot, several different products come into play that helps protect the paint job and make it more durable. This guard for your floors plays a similar role as it helps to make the floors shine and adds to their concreteness. Do not worry about the reliability of the brand as you can trust the Asian Paints floor guard to do the job that you expect it do to. 

Getting your products from renowned brands like Asian Paints brings about a sense of relief and comfort as they are well-accomplished in what they are supposed to provide. You can check the price for the floor guard before making your purchase. The prices for the product might differ according to the size of the packaging as well. 

Check out the colours available in Asian paints floor guard

We tend to give a significant amount of thought to our walls and the shades we want to paint them in, however, one aspect we do not consider very often is the floors. During interior painting, you would want your house to look unique and every aspect should be complementing each other in a certain way. One of the easiest ways to make this happen would be by looking at the Asian Paints floor guard colours that can match your walls along with adding a layer of protection to the floors.

Make the process of painting and redoing your house something to look forward to and something that will last you a long time. This Asian Paints product can be a good addition to your list of products from the start. Factor in the square feet of what you may need and browse through the catalog to find the Asian Paints Apex floor guard price. With the variety of shades that the brand provides, each more unique than the other, you can give your house a unique look and feel once it is done. Your walls and your floors will have a beautiful shine and sheen and so will you!

Benefits of using Apex floor guard

Using a floor guard with several benefits and advantages can be helpful in the long run as you can save yourself the trouble of having to engage in this process time and again.


This floor guard can be formulated into high-resistance coatings and therefore, is also known to provide excellent adhesion to any concrete substances. It won’t be affected by water or harsh weather conditions making it a great product to use.

Abrasion resistance

Your floors would have to be smooth, and this property would be achieved with the abrasion-resistant quality this product has. The sustainable and smooth finish along with immunity from wear and tear are sought-after aspects

Vibrant Finish 

If you are looking for a highly polished finish that will not make your floors look dull and dingy, this is the product you can trust with your eyes closed. A high-polished beauty achieved with concrete or cement floorings along with a great sheen is what you will get.

Wide range of shades 

This may be one of the top aspects that you may be looking for in house painting. A variety as vast as 44 shades in floor colours are available to select from – leaving you stunned in awe as you can pick and choose what you think will look best.


This floor guard has often been rated a ten on ten when it comes to the overall washability properties. You can use water and soap to scrub your floors without diminishing the shine that they originally had.

Checkout affordable Apex floor guard price for your house

While deciding upon the price of any paint product, it would be wise to use a paint cost calculator that is available online. This can help you gain an estimate of the overall area that needs to be covered in paint. Similarly, before looking at the Asian Paints Apex floor guard price, it might be ideal to understand the amount of product you would need. This will help you calculate an average estimate appropriately. For exterior areas of the house, it might be recommended to incorporate the apex floor guard price of 20 liter so that you do not have to keep buying buckets over and over again. 

Mainly for the interiors of the house, you might be able to finish the job off by looking at the apex floor guard price of 1 liter or if the entire house is in consideration with all the rooms that need the protective layer on the flooring, a 4-liter can should suffice. Having details of the products and their price range can be beneficial while planning the budget. All the Asian Paints products’ price lists can be found on their official website to eliminate any confusion and get the right details.


Apex guard (floors) price

1 liter

4 liters




Steps to be followed while using Apex floor guard

To have your floors look perfect, the right steps need to be followed while using a floor guard. What can help is hiring contractors and service providers who can do the job for you. However, irrespective of whether you are embarking on this process yourself or are hiring professionals, here are a few important steps that can be kept in mind while using floor guards:

  • Surface prep – The area that needs to be painted should be free of any damp and loose paint along with no wax, grease, dirt, dust, oil, etc. You can scrub the surface well and then dry for 4-8 hours before painting. 
  • Freshly created surfaces – Any concrete surface that has been freshly made should be allowed to dry for at least 4 weeks before it is painted. 
  • Repainting – If any random areas have the adhesion of existing paint, they should be removed. Sand and smoothen the glossy surfaces in the house to improve adhesion.
  • 2 coats of the floor guard will be required with 10-20% dilution and should be left to dry for up to 6 hours for the best results. A third coat can be applied if necessary. Wash and clean the surface at regular intervals.

Safety measures to be taken while using apex floor guard

Engaging in the proper safety measures while using painting products is vital. It can be hazardous for you, your family, and the house if these are not taken into account. Here are some important guidelines to follow

  • Referring to the official guidelines like the MSDS for the particular product you are planning on using will give you the exact information you may need while handling and using the paint. This should be available upon request.
  • The right way to store the container would be to close the lid tightly and keep it in an upright position in a cool and dry place
  • Keep children away
  • In case the product is ingested, it can be harmful. Seeking immediate medical attention would work best.
  • Wear eye protection during application and wash your eyes thoroughly if the paint enters them
  • Any contact with the skin should also be washed and cleaned immediately with soap and water to avoid prolonged exposure.
  • Do not breathe the paint in for a long time. Wear a mask during application even during the process of sanding and surface prep
  • Do not pour any leftover paint in the drain or with water.
  • Contain any spills with the help of sand. 


What is an Apex floor guard?

This is a water-based cross-linking product that is an all-acrylic emulsion.  It ‘guards’ the floor and also offers it a superior shine. Irrespective of the floor being cemented or concrete, the properties of this floor guard remain the same and it also provides a warranty of 2 years adding to its reliability.


What is the price of the apex floor guard?

The floor guard comes in two sizes and the prices can be checked online. The 1-liter package is priced at rupees 321 and the 4-liter package can be bought for 1237 rupees. You might have to navigate through these prices based on the square feet of floor you want to cover.


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