Safe Painting Services By Aapka Painter

We are fully geared to give you a safe and sanitized painting experience. We have successfully conducted vaccination drives for our clients and their family members. Get excellent home painting and waterproofing for your homes as well as commercial spaces.

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Safe Painting Services

Are you looking for painting contractors who can give you full safety along with quality experience? Aapka Painter has always maintained a great reputation for high-quality painting and excellent customer satisfaction. And wish to continue this even now without any compromise!


Battling the pandemic has been hard for everyone but our painters and vendors have donned their cleaning avatars. With our masks, sanitizers, and heath scanners-you can be assured of having a completely safe and hazard-less painting experience. We also clean the entire project site after the task is completed.

Why Aapkapainter ?

Aapka Painter is among the best home painting professionals in India. We provide customized solutions for our clients with our team of engineers and experts. It is our top priority to to take care of your safety and comfort under all circumstances. Thereby, we have created new standards and protocols that are followed by all our staff and workers. We have been rewarded with our satisfied customers so far and we wish to provide the same to you.

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Cleaning Service

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Our painters wear masks and PPE kits on the project site. Our painters are fast and efficient. Full distancing protocols are maintained. Everything is covered by masking tapes and protective coverings so that none of your items is damaged. The site is left sanitised and cleaned after the work is completed.

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Fully Vaccinated Team Members

We have successfully conducted 11 vaccination drives in 8 cities all over india. 90% of our painters and vendors have been vaccinated along with their families. We will achieve 100% vaccination in no time!


Your Safety Is Our Safety

The coronavirus has been the cause of much devastation in the country but with the right measures, we are sure that we can battle this crisis with success.
By following these fresh guidlines, we provide you with the assurance of a safe painting service that you can trust. Our concern for your health is above eerything else. Meanwhile, you can expect top-quality painting and waterproofing service by Aapka Painter as always.

Staff Safety Measures

Your health and happiness is our top priority. With the latest covid-19 protocols and updated health measures, you can put your faith and trust in us for a 100% protected experience. We understand that a home renovation can be a great respite from the extensive lockdowns that you have been spending at home. And we do not wish that you block your desires because of this unpredictable crisis. Read further to know our latest guidelines and processes to ensure a safe and sanitized painting experience.

wash hands
keep distance
use soap
stay at home
avoid crowd
use gel
use gloves
wear masks

Online medium of communication

To ensure distancing protocols, Aapka Painter prefers an online medium of communication with clients and workers. Unless a visit is mandatory, all queries are handled via whatsApp, online forms and Google meets. Clients can get all information on calls and messages regarding the services and ongoing projects. You can get cost estimates, texture, stencil designs and colour consultancy in the online mode. Details of services like waterproofing can also be availed online. We also encourage online mode for all types of payments.

Physical distancing and face masks

Face safety masks are mandatory for all painters and staff workers. Whether they sre in the office or in a worksite, a distance of one metre is mandatory. Painters operate with full PPE kits to ensure the least contraction of infection whether necessary.


Thermal scanners and hand sanitizers are installed at the entry points of the main office and hub for painters and staff workers. Minimum entry of allowed according to the guidelines of the state and the city.

Hand washing and sanitizing

Painters and workers are encouraged to wash their hands as frequently as possible to minimize any risk of infection. Sanitization kits are provided to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization.

Protocols for painters at the work site

All painters are supposed to follow Covid-19 guidelines while performing their tasks. Their temperatures are recorded at the hub and forwarded to the homeowners. Painters are encouraged to use private vehicles for travelling and no stoppage at any public sites is allowed. At the worksite, they are required to wear masks all the time with full distancing protocols. After the work is completed, the site is sanitized.

Risk profiling

In case, there is any kind of risk anticipation due to notice of any kind of symptoms- the worker is quarantined for 14 days. Check-ups are conducted to test for covid-19. The clients and other workers are also alerted in case they have been in contact. While the workers have been successfully given the covid vaccine, we cannot cancel out the chances of transmission and hence, all the above protocols will be strictly followed. All these safety measures are necessary for the protection of our clients as well as our team members.

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Our Works

Check out our beautifully executed images of colour shades and designs recommended by our colour conultants

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Aapka Painter follow Covid-19 safety guidelines?


Yes, all the safety protocols are followed according to state guidelines in Covid-19 pandemic.

2. How can I get painting services during lockdown?


You can contact Aapka Painter on 8088777173 or book a site visit through our website.

3. Do painters wear masks while working?


Yes, all our painters wear masks and PPE kits according to the Covid-19 protocols in the region.

4. How does Aapka Painter maintain distancing protocols?


In case of any project, the worker is expected to work in a separate room and the site is left sanitized after completion of project.

5. How can I track the work progress online?


You can track the work progress through online on WhatsApp or contacting your project manager.

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