Interior & Exterior Wall Texture

Use wall textures to enhance the appeal of your space. Find excellent textures for your interiors and exteriors with Aapka Painter professional services.

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Interior Wall Texture

Renovate your interior walls to create an elegant home decor that is sophisticated and classy. Interior texture painting adds personality to your space and makes it modern.

vintage loft interior with wooden floor textured aged grey concrete wall chair_76562 32@2x
interior mock up design cozy living room black brick wall texture background_221619 73@2x

Check out these brand new interior texture styles for your home and offices!

chair elegant vase coff@2x

Fabric Texture

Soft fabric textures can be excellent to give a sleek and subtle finish to your walls. These wall texture designs are perfect for all types of walls including homes and office spaces. Our skilled painters at Aapka Painter use the latest techniques to give you precise and beautiful fabric textures.

contemporary interior grey tones with sofa striped wallpaper 3d rendering_104611 87@2x

Stripes Texture

Using stripes on walls is always a classic design to enhance your walls. The simple stripes can be created by multiple techniques and give a sleek, elegant look. Our stripes texture gives a modern look to your space. Available in excellent shades to revamp your space!

brick wall gray sofa living room old wood floor background texture 3d_35906 93@2x

Brick Texture

One of the amazing qualities of texture designs is the way in which you can recreate a completely natural look. The brick texture is one such raw and appealing look that gives a simplistic charm to the space. It is a great texture for exteriors but also for unique accent walls.


Exterior Wall Texture

Using wall texture on your home and building exteriors can give them a dramatic and beautiful appearance. Aapka Painter offers you the latest exterior texture looks that give a defining structure to your home. With the best products and techniques, we ensure that your exterior looks last long despite external forces.

beautiful vintage glass house building with brick wall exterior blue sky_36367 158@2x
photo 1570057633712 870fa818fa15@2x
Exterior TExture

Professional Texture Painting by Aapka Painter

Get exceptional interior and exterior wall textures by professionals & design consultants!

home house exterior design showing tropical pool villa with greenery garden bedroom_41487 490@2x
Wall PAinting

Texture Design for Modern Homes

Try soft and subtle looks for interior textures to create a relaxing effect. Rough and dramatic looks are best for tough exteriors.

outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
outside exterior house painting design ideas
Asian Paints

Asian Paints Wall Texture

Get the latest wall textures by Asian Paints Royale Play. Unique texture designs that give a new personality to your homes. Try the most popular Asian Paints texture with the skilled professionals at Aapka Painter.

living room interior with tile classic texture wall background_43151 996 (1)@2x

Get Pricing Now

Check out our latest catalogue to get the best wall textures for your interiors and exteriors. Call the Aapka Painter experts now to get a transformation now!

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Interior and Exterior Wall Texture 

Latest Interior & Exterior Texture Designs 

If you are here, you must already know the value of interior wall texture and exterior wall texture. In a world where a good color combination is so common that it cannot make your home stand out anymore, texture can do the job for you. Unlike normal paint, choosing interior texture paint and exterior texture paint can be a daunting job since the texture is a ‘new thing’ and most painters do not know how to get it done well.

If you are someone who is thinking of giving your house a new look with interior texture paint along with interior wall texture, going through a catalogue of texture paints and designs can help you.


Interior Wall Texture Designs  

Architects and interior designers have known the value of texture in interior design. This is the reason you will find interior textured walls in most of the well-built and designed new homes. Texture designs like elegant, rusty, sea-like, frosty, etc are in trend these days.

It is no exaggeration to say that if you are planning a paint job for your home, ignoring interior wall texture design can be a regrettable mistake. We can help you in giving you ideas of texture interior wall design and colors so that you do not regret spending your hard-earned money. 

Exterior Wall Texture Designs 

They say the first impression is the last impression. In terms of housing, exterior texture design is your first impression. If your exterior wall texture design is not up to the mark, the interior design won’t do any good for you.

To make sure your exterior texture paint designs make a good first impression, just ask your painter about the trendy options. A few trending patterns for your texture paint exterior walls are criss-cross, pebbles, sandstone, floral, etc. If these names have already made your eyes sparkle, imagine what will the exterior texture of your house look like in real life?

Modern Texture Color Wall Patterns 

Using textures on walls is the most modern and sophisticated way to renovate your space. Textures can instantly give a vibrant look to a boring room- adding interest and personality! Asian Paints wall texture is popularly picked because of the variety of designs and colors. Textured paint for walls can be used to create effects like colorwash, drizzle, sandstone, and wooden walls. You can use your favorite colors for texture paint wall design. Using texture paint for living room can add more zest and warmth by giving a sense of depth to space. Explore a variety of wall textures for all your favorite spaces.

Interior Wall Texture 

Setting up the right interiors can boost your mood and efficiency to a great level. It’s not only about the colors but also the right set of textures. Explore an array of exciting interior wall textures to enliven your space and give them a sense of depth. We have the latest wall paint texture designs for bedroom, living rooms, and word spaces. Wall texture designs for bedroom can give a warm and cozy feeling so that you never want to leave it. Main hall texture paint designs for living room can make your walls breathtaking and give a modern and stylish look.

Exterior Wall Texture 

Whether you own an apartment or a bungalow, your home exterior should make your home welcoming at all times. Using exterior wall texture along with the right color shades and tones can naturally boost the appearance of your home from the outside. Exterior texture paint can work amazingly to highlight the different dimensions of your house. You can also use wall texture designs for living room to make it an exciting and modern space. The texture of bedroom wall can add a lot of depth to this space reflect your personality. Check out the latest wall texture design with us!


Interior & Exterior Texture Paints Catalogue  

If texture is a new term for you, chances are that may not have heard of interior & exterior textured protective coating. If that is the case, you should ask your professional painter about a texture paint catalogue. A catalogue will literally contain thousands of interior wall texture images, exterior design texture images, texture designs, and almost everything that might want to know about texture paints.

Along with an interior and exterior texture paints catalogue, you should also ask your professional painter about exterior wall cladding texture as it is an important part of your house design. 


Best Interior Texture Paints 

Not just the design, it is also important to choose the best interior wall texture paint in terms of quality. A famous choice in this category is Asian paints interior texture designs. If you want more options for interior wall paint texture designs, just give us a call and we will provide you the best interior texture paints.

Choosing the best interior texture paint is necessary not only because it will give a new look to your house, but also because it can camouflage stains in areas like the kitchen and conceal flaws in the architecture. 


Best Exterior Texture Paints 

The best exterior texture paint is the one that is best not only in its aesthetics but also its durability. One good choice can be Asian paints exterior texture which is both durable and looks good on the exterior walls. 

A few good examples of good texture designs are quartz king exterior texture paint, dholpur texture paints, rusty paint, etc. Just like the interior one, choosing a good texture paint exterior walls can be quite tricky. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of choices, feel free to ask us about some suggestions of trending and best exterior texture paints.

Asian Paint Wall Texture Colors

If you are exploring textures for your interior and exterior walls, Asian Paints is the perfect stop! Asian Paints wall texture design offers the best shades and styles that can instantly uplift the charm of your space. Asian Paints exterior texture can make your house stylish and inviting to look at. Exterior wall texture designs can give a variety of effects. Asian Paints texture color wall uses high-quality paints that can resist all temperature changes and also the harshness of the environment for a long time. These textured finishes can give a timeless sense of aesthetic to your space.

Royale Texture Paint Designs 

The Royal Paint texture designs can create beautiful and elegant space out of all your rooms. The Royal texture paint designs for bedrooms can be created with a variety of colors and shades. These texture paint designs for bedrooms can add a minimalistic charm to your personal space. There are a variety of Royal texture paint designs for hall, living room, and other high traffic areas. The living room Royale Play texture can boost the aesthetics of this high traffic space to give a modern and timeless appearance. Explore all these interesting designs with the perfect colors for your house wall painting with us.


Suitable Wall Texture Price for you by Aapka Painter 

It is best to know the exterior wall texture price before you hire a painter. The good news here is that Aapka Painter will not only do the painting job but we can also tell you the exterior texture paint price. And you want a paint job of the whole house, we can also tell the estimate of both - exterior and interior wall texture cost.

Do not go to Google, do not contact any paint vendor, just give Aapka Painter a call and we will give you a suitable wall texture price that will not shake your painting budget.


Best Exterior Wall Texture Services For Your Walls

Aapka Painter is known for its hassle-free service. If you are planning for a house paint, give us a call at Aapka Painter, free consultation given. If you want to choose color designs, we can provide you catalogue with 20000+ unique designs

If you choose Aapka Painter as your professional painting services provider, you will join our 10000+ happy customers who vouch for our quality and tell that our painters have safety measures maintained during painting their home. Remember, a free consultation on your house painting and the best painters in your city are just one call away!