Cement Paint

Cement paint is water-based paint used on concrete surfaces, such as the exterior or interior walls of your home. On the exterior walls of your home, it is used mainly to prevent the absorption of water and the accumulation of dirt. On the interior walls of the home, it is used for coating the concrete surface, painting the ceilings, and decorating the walls.

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Interior cement paints are used for fortifying and decorating the walls inside your home. It also helps in reducing dampening. The smooth matte finishing in the interior cement paint creates a sheen and aesthetic look for the interior walls. Some interior cement paints are embedded with anti-fungal elements to reduce bacterial accumulation during monsoons.

Exterior cement paints are used on the concrete textures and surfaces of exterior walls. The exterior cement paint price is affordable. They have water solvent additives. Exterior cement paints also help to clean up dust and algae accumulation. They also should have low VOC.

Concrete waterproof cement paint is used especially on the exterior walls to prevent the entry of water and mould, which causes damage to the interior walls. Waterproof cement paints are also used as floor paints on the rooftop before the monsoon to prevent leakage. Before applying a layer of waterproof cement paints, it is best to repair the cracks on the walls through plastering. A roller brush is the best tool to apply a coating of waterproof cement paint on the exterior walls of your home.

Water-based cement primer is a breathable cement paint applied on the walls. It reflects heat and prevents water absorption on the walls of your homes. Water-based cement primers are acrylic-based emulsion cement paint that is applied on plastered interior wall surfaces. It has high durability, making the coating stick to the surface and dry quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use cement paint?


Cement paint is very easy to apply and is also not expensive. It is also waterproof and many colours are available.

2. Is cement paint cheap?


Yes, cement paint is cheaper that other types of paints.

3. How many colours are available with cement paint?


Many colours are available depending on your needs.

4. Is cement paint water-resistant?


Yes, cement paint is water-resistant and protects your walls from staining and humidity.

5. Can I use cement paint for interiors?


Yes, you can use cement paint for interiors to decorate your walls.

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