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The right home decor can make a statement, make you smile, and make you very satisfied. Stand out with our original and out-of-the-box ideas. Get a modern, elegant home with minimum hassles!

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Get the most stunning wall decor ideas with Aapka Painter’s professional services. Your walls deserve beautiful shades and textures that will make them more endearing and comforting. Our design professionals help you make the best decisions to choose the right colours and textures for your walls. They consider factors like lighting, spatial dimension, and other technical factors to come up with the most elegant options to renovate your space.

Choosing a good design for your wall will not only enhance the aesthetic value but also the functional aspect of the space. With the combination of the right colours chosen by our professional home designers and usage of the right products- you can get classy and elegant walls. You can use your favourite colours and also interesting patterns to enhance the mood and vibe of the space.

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Aapka Painter is among the best home painting professionals in India. We provide customized solutions for our clients with our team of engineers and experts. It is our top priority to to take care of your safety and comfort under all circumstances. Thereby, we have created new standards and protocols that are followed by all our staff and workers. We have been rewarded with our satisfied customers so far and we wish to provide the same to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Should I hire a colour consultant for home decor?


Yes. A colour consultant can help you choose the right colours depending on the light, textures, and spatial dimensions.

2. Which colours should I choose for bedroom?


Choose soothing and soft colours for bedroom for a relaxing space. Try pastel shades, beige, and neutral colours.

3. How can I use stencils for interiors?


You can use stencils for interiors to make amazing wall arts and give a wallpaper effect. Use nature ideas, and you can explore with multiple colours.

4. How can I use textures for exteriors?


You can choose textures for exteriors depending on the light and colour of the surface. It can be a great way to focus on the wall with a subtle effect.

5. How can I make my living room elegant?


Choose the right balance of colour shades according to colour theory. Soft shades with metallic tones can create an excellent effect. Experiment but with guidance.

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