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AapkaPainter is a place where you can get access to the best painters in Shadipur Depot and get home renovations done easily and quickly. AapkaPainter offers you the best painters and top products for a stunning home painting experience!

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Experience hassle-free house painting and waterproofing with our skilled professionals. Our team will assess the surface condition, identify areas needing special attention, and accurately measure the site using laser technology. We provide precise quotations, recommend suitable products, and suggest the right process for the job. Book Free Inspection how it works





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What makes AapkaPainter unique?

A painting service provider that gives you customized value based on your personal preferences. More than that, we focus on giving a valuable experience from the first moment you book your free site visit to the final delivery. Get professional colour consultancy with design experts with years of experience. You also get project managers to overlook your site on a daily basis. On time delivery and efficiency guaranteed by unique processes fine tuned with experts.

Sefety Protocols

Sefety Protocols

Personalized Color Consultation

Personalized Color Consultation

Background Verified Painters

Background Verified Painters

Dedicated  Project Managers

Dedicated Project Managers

Genuine Pricing

Genuine Pricing

Trusted By Brands

Trusted By Brands

1 Year warranty

1 Year warranty

Top rated by customers

Top rated by customers

House Wall Painting Services in Shadipur Depot | Delhi

Get the trendiest decor options for your interiors. From classy and elegant to chich and quirky. AapkaPainter offers you the best interior house painting. Get all your favourite shades and unique colour schemes that highlight every corner of your home. Latest textures, stencils, and patterns for your walls to make your lively and beautiful. We offer a number of services to make your home beautiful. All at one spot!

Wall Texture Painting Services in Shadipur Depot  Delhi

Wall Texture Painting Services in Shadipur Depot Delhi

Wall textures that enhance the vibe and elegance of your space effortlessly. Textures add a sense of depth and beauty to your walls. They can look stunning with the correct lighting and colour combination. With AapkaPainter, you can get the latest texture styles offered by brands like Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Nerolac and more. You can use texture for interiors and exteriors as well. Explore a range of colours and designs with us now.

Wall Stencil Design Services in Shadipur Depot  | Delhi

Wall Stencil Design Services in Shadipur Depot | Delhi

Chic and classy stencils are versatile and give your home the most glamorous look. Stencil designs are extremely safe for the walls and you can use them in a variety of ways. Whether you want to highlight one spot of space or give a wallpaper like effect, stencils are your best option. You can also customize the stencils according to your unique colour scheme depending on your home decor. Get wall arts for your living room, bedrooms, and kid’s rooms. Explore brand new designs in your favourite colours.

Wood Painting Services in Shadipur Depot  | Delhi

Wood Painting Services in Shadipur Depot | Delhi

Wondering how to get professional wood painting in Shadipur Depot ? AapkaPainter is here to helo you. Protect and enhance the look of your wooden surfaces with professional wood painting services. Wood painting is very important to give a new shine to your doors and windows. Get the best brands with a high-quality finish. AapkaPainter ensures high-quality service with a long term guarantee for every project.

Metal Painting Services in Shadipur Depot  | Delhi

Metal Painting Services in Shadipur Depot | Delhi

Metallic surfaces can add texture and elegance to every space. They give a better sense of structure and can also add a luxurious look to the space. Enhance the look of your metallic surfaces including grills and gates with superior metal painting services by AapkaPainter. We offer professional painters in Shadipur Depot who can renew the shine of your metal surfaces. Get the top brands with AapkaPainter and maintain the glory of your homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Painting the exteriors or interiors of your house can be a tiresome job if you’re not skilled. Hiring a professional painter of good reputation to get the job done is the best option in Shadipur Depot | Delhi. You may think a do-it-yourself paint project might be more reasonably priced, but when corners are cut, and blots are missed, you will end up breaking your finances by spending more wealth on correcting mistakes that were made. Professional painters are called professionals for a reason. They work professionally around the clock to get the work done in your preferred way. They know all guidelines and procedures to do their work competently and much faster than you could have handled on your own. In a roundabout way, their commitment to their job brings the client an acceptable outcome. That’s why their services are well worth your funds.

Of course, the cost of painting an exterior house in Shadipur Depot | Delhi varies depending on the dimension of your home, how much area you want to be painted, and what kind of paint you’d like to make use of. Paint costs will further be determined by the amount of paint and primer essential to finish your project, as well as the quality of the wall paint you prefer. When working with the wall painters, you are supposed to be conscious of the extra costs and hours of manual labor that can mount up.

A painter's total cost estimation is based on how many hours they consider it will take to finish the job, in addition to a few varying factors, which make an account of:

  • Location
  • Kind of work (interior versus exterior)
  • Painter's experience and skill
  • Season
  • As with a lot of pricing factors, quite a few expenses categories influence the overall cost of house painting. These take account of:

  • Paint Cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Additional Charges
  • The average total cost to paint interior house area by square foot area may show a discrepancy for more than a few factors, including:

  • Regional differences
  • Wall height
  • Designer paints
  • The overall cost of painting 2000, 1500, 1300, 1600 sq ft house depends on several factors including:

  • Total area to be painted
  • Location
  • Process or Painting system used
  • Products Used
  • But generally it is $1.40-$2.10 per square foot excluding doors, ceiling, and moldings. So painting cost for 2000, 1500, 1300, 1600 square foot will be $2800, $2100, $1900, and $2400 respectively.

    The cost to hire a painter to paint a room can depend on the type of project, the time of year, as well as the level of skill and experience desirable.

    Paint Calculator helps you work out the area to be painted and provides you with an approximation of the necessary amount of paint. The paint calculator is proposed to offer you the estimated amount of product needed for a painting assignment. However, product requirements will show a discrepancy according to certain aspects such as application method as well as surface condition.

    Mint Green, light and powder blues, light shades of purple, dusty shades of orange, and yellow are some popular wall paint colors for interiors.

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