Your Favourite Cartoon Characters

If you are looking for some amazing wall art for your kid’s room, we have the best options. Who can deny the love for these amazing cartoon characters who have stayed in our hearts since childhood? They can bring laughter to the face of any child. These wall arts can uplift the mood and vibe of your child’s bedroom like nothing else.

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Mickey Mouse

We have all grown up watching Mickey Mouse and his friends. He is the superstar of the world of Disney who can make anyone smile. This bright and vibrant character can be used in your walls with many happy colours. That beautiful smile of Mickey Mouse is bound to inspire your child and bring positivity to their daily lives.

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Rahul Dravid

Tom & Jerry

This naughty couple is full of energy and humour. Tom & Jerry have brought laughter to the lives of several generations and continue to do so even today. Your child loves watching them on the television and they are bound to feel uplifted with this wall art in their room. It can also be used in children’s play areas in schools and playgroups.

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MS Dhoni

Chota Bheem

This cute and funny character has inspired many kids to be brave and strong at all times. Children have been inspired by the adventures of Chhota Bheem and his amazing group of friends. Values like friendship, kindness, and generosity are inculcated by this fun character. Use this wall art to create a special place for your kids.

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Virat Kohli

Frozen Theme - Elsa

We all have been inspired by the amazing story of Princess Elsa and her sister, Anna. This fairytale has inspired many young girls to be smart, kind, and brave to fight for their freedom. This magical wall art of Elsa can be excellent to adorn the walls for your young girl and inspire her to dream big.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use stencils in multiple ways to create different types of wall arts with the paints and tools.

You can use any colour for wall stencil preferably colours can stick well on the wall without dripping.

Yes, you can get a wall mural with Aapka Painter. Make your walls interesting with your favourite Bollywood stars on your walls.

Use nature inspired stencils like trees and animals for kids. You can also try popular cartoons and characters to make the walls fun.

Schools inspire creativity and knowledge. Educational wall arts about animals, geography, and history can be great.

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