Modular Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a crucial part of interior design today. It is a multifunctional area that needs to be designed efficiently. AapKa Painter understands the outlook and design of modular kitchens designs today and how it blends with a personalized style of each customer

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 Black walled Kitchen
Black walled Kitchen

Black-colored modular kitchen designs with remote-controlled cabinets are quite popular in the homes of South Delhi and South Bombay. People wanted a black-walled kitchen with white cabinets and chessboard flooring. This exudes eliteness and makes the cooking process more like art rather than a chore.

Small kitchen design
Small kitchen design

Family members should always take some time out of their busy lives and eat together. You can do this by keeping a small kitchen design with a foldable table. One can sit and have their meal. You can also use it as a chopping board. It is a multifunctional purpose that makes life easier

Kitchen with wine rack
Kitchen with wine rack

The construction of your basement determines the foundation of the house. The basement should be made waterproof so that water and humidity don’t affect the structural integrity. Cement paint is a good extra measure to protect the walls from cracks and humidity.

Brick-walled kitchens design
Brick-walled kitchens design

Brick-clad kitchen designs give out a rustic feel. Many Italian homes have such kitchen designs. With travel exposure, these kitchen designs combined with multipurpose and modular kitchens have started to pop up in Indian households. It is a blend of modern meets vintage

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to decorate by kitchen?


Modular kitchens have become very popular for modern homes.

2. How can I make my interiors aesthetic?


Use latest colour combinations with modern shades, textures, and wall stencils.

3. How to decide colour combination for interiors?


Try the colour theory or get the help of a professional colour consultant with Aapka Painter.

4. Which paint is best for living room?


High sheen paints are best for high-traffic areas like living rooms. They are also easy washable and give a vibrant effect.

5. How can I get interior design with Aapka painter?


You can check our website to view our catalogue and book a free site visit to get your favourite design on your walls.

Modular kitchen design