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Aapka Painter believes that each interior design idea transforms your home. With its team of qualified professionals, it customizes the interior design of your home according to your taste and choice.

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 Neutral shades
Neutral shades

Neutralized and earthen interiors bring out a calm and warm vibe. In such cases, you can use terracotta-colored elements to neutralize the color of your interior house design. It can be through clay pots or brown-colored furniture, cushions, and carpets, which can help to bring out an earthiness to the color and the vibe of your living room.

Use art or furniture to add the colorful quotient
Use art or furniture to add the colorful quotient

You may feel that adding color to the wall painting design is just not your style. Well, in that case, you can still have a bright living room by using colorful art pieces and furniture. On all-white walls, you can have bold and colorful frames of paintings. It can create an artistic vibe in your house design. You can also choose to have colorful furniture in your living room, creating a contrasting effect.

Go Vintage
Go Vintage

Brown colored interior design is very 18th century. But, one cannot deny the rustic charm of it. . With the brown-colored wall paint, one can have white furniture and some pink elements such as a lamp or a carpet. This would keep the rusticity intact and, at the same time, break the monotonous brown effect to your .

Leverage dark colors
Leverage dark colors

Paint one part of your bathroom in black. It has a dramatic and contrasting effect for your interior It holds an allure like you are entering into a different world. Also, it is very eye-catching

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to decorate by kitchen?


Modular kitchens have become very popular for modern homes.

2. How can I make my interiors aesthetic?


Use latest colour combinations with modern shades, textures, and wall stencils.

3. How to decide colour combination for interiors?


Try the colour theory or get the help of a professional colour consultant with Aapka Painter.

4. Which paint is best for living room?


High sheen paints are best for high-traffic areas like living rooms. They are also easy washable and give a vibrant effect.

5. How can I get interior design with Aapka painter?


You can check our website to view our catalogue and book a free site visit to get your favourite design on your walls.

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