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A lot of us like to sit by the window on a rainy day and read a book or sip hot coffee (or both!) while watching the raindrops fall down. However, what starts off as a pleasant activity can quickly turn into an ordeal if there's no way to shut out the sound of the pounding rain against your roof. If this is something you're experiencing, water damage may be one of your biggest daily headaches until you figure out a solution!

Remember that even little leaks can cause problems like mould growth, ceiling damage, and insulation issues, to mention a few. So you shouldn't dismiss even a small amount of water seepage. Apply a coat of waterproof cement paint with the help of competent professionals, and contact us at AapkaPainter for a hassle-free experience. 

Get the latest waterproofing estimation cost according to your area. We provide excellent waterproofing services in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and many other cities. If we are not in your town yet, don’t worry because we are catching up!

Now is the time to take advantage of our waterproofing solutions to secure your house with the best waterproofing services. We offer you the best products and solutions by brands like Asian Paints and Dr Fixit. We use Fosroc waterproofing products and MYK waterproofing products for excellent results. With the latest technology, we ensure that you have a home that rightly protects you from all the odds of the weather. As long as you have AapkaPainter, you have nothing to worry about.

Dr Fixit waterproofing Products  

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Different Types of Waterproofing 

Waterproofing needs to be done for different types of areas with different methods. Whether it is rooftops or your walls, every portion of your structure must be waterproofed properly to be safe against humidity and moisture. Changes in weather conditions can cause a lot of damages which can incur future costs. Hence, it’s best to take the first step that will help you stay safe for long. Get the estimated cost of waterproofing with AapkaPainter experts now!

Our advanced waterproofing budget calculator takes all your needs into account to give a proper estimate. Whether you stay in an independent horse or an apartment, waterproofing services are a must to maintain a clean and healthy environment in your home.

Roof and Terrace Waterproofing

With AapkaPainter, you can get the best quality roof and terrace waterproofing. This is an essential part of maintaining the structure of your home. Your rooftop or terrace becomes the most important structure of your home because it offers you protection against the sun and rain. However, it is also prone to maximum damage due to the sun’s heat and heavy rains. Pressure and climatic conditions can cause cracks and leakages. 


Go through the terrace waterproofing budget calculator now. We offer you the best Dr Fixit Waterproofing that maintains the top condition of your roof for years to come.

Wall Waterproofing 

Waterproofing your interior and exterior wall is super-essential to maintain the clean paint job that you got. You may invest in top quality paints but they are all useless if you do not take the necessary steps regarding waterproofing. We offer the latest products including paints, primer, putty, and different types of waterproof coating. Ensure a clean and hazard free space. 

Exterior waterproofing is especially important to protect your walls against changes in temperature, effects of heavy rain, dust and pollution. Waterproofing can make your walls look fresh and clean all year long.

Bathroom Waterproofing 

Your bathroom is where you spend a great deal of time winding down and cleaning up. But what is the point, if the bathroom itself is a mess? Bathrooms suffer the most due to humidity and moisture. Hence, bathroom waterproofing is a must in every house. You can get the best bathrooms in different colours and styles but all of them will lose their shine without waterproofing. 

With AapkaPainter, you can seal all the surfaces with top-grade waterproof coating and keep your bathroom refreshing every time you enter. Get the best bathroom leakage waterproofing estimation now.

Basement Waterproofing 

The basement is the foundation of the house. However, caring for the basement is often underestimated. This is the part that supports your house and your entire building. Seepages and leakages are a common problem in the basement because of the pressure of all kinds from above and below the surface. Hence, you must get solid waterproof coating in your basement to protect the integrity and structure of your basement.

Materials used for Waterproofing 

With AapkaPainter, you can get different types of waterproofing. Each of them includes different types of materials and hence, the budget also varies. The application process also varies for every material. 

  • Cementitious waterproofing: Because cement isn't flexible enough, it's prone to cracks and leaks.
  • Liquid waterproofing membrane: Suitable for all roof types, including flat, dome-shaped, and pitched roofs.

Waterproofing using a bituminous membrane is great for both residential and commercial spaces, but it must be treated with caution because bitumen is flammable at high temperatures.


Polyurethane waterproofing: When compared to other waterproofing methods, Polyurethane waterproofing requires less experience and supervision, is relatively simple to install and can withstand water, oils, and other chemicals.

Steps to Calculate Waterproofing Price

To calculate the waterproofing budget, the AapkaPainter team would require the following details-

  1. Spatial dimensions include floor area and parapet area.
  2. The surface for waterproofing and type of material used
  3. The method of waterproofing
  4. Age of the building
  5. Previous work done on the surface

Our experts help you determine the best process and products to go about your unique home and project. We understand that every home requires unique attention depending on the location and climate.

Application cost would be dependent on all the processes combined including preparation of the area for waterproofing. 

With AapkaPainter, you can easily achieve a clean and beautiful home. Our top-quality painting and waterproofing experts ensure 100% satisfied customer satisfaction.