Special Effects

asian paints royale play Special Effects Dapple wall texture paint design for bedroom, living room, hall
70 / sqft
* Min chargeable area 100 SQFT

Dapple - Asian Paints Royale Play Texture Design

Your house is your personalized landscape, an exclusive setting that stands apart from the humankind. Even though the color is often the primary thing we turn to when a home is feeling bland or boring, never undervalue the power of Dapple texture paint. Introducing royale play texture paint design to a room gives it so much more intensity, and even color-averse decorators can get in its benefits. Asian Paints wall texture ideas don’t stop at throws, rugs, or fabrics. From concrete to ridged metal, and from corkboard to wood slabs, there is no boundary to the inspiring materials with which to craft your exclusive paradise.

An Asian Paint Royale Play Design textured wall creates a disposition that the conventional painted and papered wall can’t attain. No matter if it’s the funky laid back vibe of a seashore shack or expensive jittery lounge, an asian paint textured wall design can convey your interior wall texture to an entirely new time and place – particularly one that is completely your own. And with more than a few easily implemented wall texture ideas, you can change your living room into a beautiful paradise.

this texture contains Fabric Pink and Moody Maroon. Fabric Pink and Moody Maroon color gives the impact finish

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Special Effects

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Yes, Dapple ( Rose Meadows + Purple Prose ) paint Is Applicable For Interior painting.

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