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I had my daughter's room made over . The Aapkapainter team was instrumental in...
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It was good and satisfactory. Aapka painter is very good and supportive. They are instrument...
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I am CEO of AlmaBase, a very early stage product start-up from Bangalore. I had to get my...
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We were impressed by the efficiency of the painters. It was a good experience and...
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Hassle free service and lot of provided prompt support. Will take their service again in...
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Aapkapainter team have done a really good job. Painters were very professional and did ...
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Painting the exterior or interior of your home can be a tedious job if you are not skilled. Hiring a reputable professional painter to do the job is the best option in Ghaziabad. You might think a do-it-yourself painting project could be more reasonably priced, but when corners are cut and spots are missed, you'll end up spending more on repairs. Professional painters are called experts for a reason. They work professionally around the clock to get the job done the way you want. They know all the instructions and procedures to do their job competently and much faster than you can do it yourself. Roundabout way, their commitment to the job will bring the client an acceptable outcome. This is why their service is well worth your money.

Of course, the cost of exterior house painting in Ghaziabad varies depending on the size of your home, the area you want to paint, and the type of paint you want to use. Paint costs will be further determined by the amount of paint and primer needed to complete your project, as well as the quality of wall paint you prefer. When working with a painter, you must be aware of the additional costs and hours of manual labor that can accrue.

A painter’s total estimated cost is based on the estimated hours they will complete the work, plus a number of factors that are subject to change, taking into account:

  • Location
  • Season
  • Type of work (interior or exterior)
  • A painter’s experience and skills
  • As with many pricing factors, several types of costs affect the total cost of painting a home. These include:

  • Paint Cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Additional Charges
  • The average total cost to paint a home's interior surface per square foot can vary for a number of factors, including:

  • Area difference
  • Wall height
  • Designer paints
  • The total cost of painting a house depends on several factors, such as -

  • Total area to be painted
  • Location
  • The painting process or system used
  • Finished product

  • Generally, the painting per square foot cost ranges from Rs. 7 to Rs. 40 depending on the type of painting service.

    The cost of hiring a room painter can depend on the type of work, time of year, skill level, and desired experience.

    Paint Calculator helps you identify areas to paint and gives you an estimate of the amount of paint needed. Paint calculators are provided to give you an estimate of how much product is needed for a paint job. However, product requirements will show deviation depending on several aspects such as application method as well as surface condition.

    Mint greens, light blues and pastels, light purples, dusty shades of orange and yellow are popular wall paint colors for Interiors.

    The Best Wall Painting Service In Ghaziabad


    Hello, Ghaziabad folks! Have you recently moved into a new home in Ghaziabad or are you planning to give your home an all-new look? In any way, splashing a coat of paint can do some wonders to the walls of your home while giving them a new sheen & a fresh enticing look. With a wide variety of exuberant wall painting designs and wall colour combinations to choose from, you can breathe new life into your space. You can also consult our experts for unique painting ideas, wall painting designs for bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchens, and more. Explore endless designs and possibilities with us without any hassle.


    AapkaPainter is a curated painting marketplace that takes possession of your dream home with a full degree of liability. We at AapkaPainter have proven that we are perfectionists in Interior Home Painting Services related projects, which we have successfully completed in Ghaziabad at minimum cost. AapkaPainter was established in August 2015 as a well-known exterior and interior home painting service provider in Mumbai. We carry out a transparent painting process starting with a visit to making the final decisions regarding colour selections that fit your dream house perfectly. Therefore, people select our Colour Consultants and Architects who perform superior home painting services in Ghaziabad for Houses, Bungalows, Lowe's, Halls, and more. Moreover, we are experts in waterproofing services in Ghaziabad stencils for painting in Ghaziabad, wood painting services in Ghaziabad, metallic painting services in Ghaziabad, wall painting contractors in Ghaziabad, wall texture paint, deep cleaning services & waterproofing solutions.


    Why should you hire a Professional Painter? 


    If you reside in Ghaziabad, you already know about rising prices for almost everything. This doesn’t really come as a surprise that the property rates in Ghaziabad are the highest in India. Now, if you are looking for excellent painting services in Ghaziabad under your budget, you don’t have a lot of options available. Also, you might try painting your house in Mumbai by yourself, but you naturally won’t achieve the same quality of finish that professional wall painters would. Also, the textured designs, other exquisite finishes, and colour combinations wouldn’t be possible without painting contractors in Ghaziabad. Whereas, with AapkaPainter, you get hassle-free quality work at a reasonable price. All you need to do is book an appointment on and we will take care of the rest. Get in touch with our experts for painting service, no matter how big or small, as size doesn't matter to us.


    What makes AapkaPainter special?


    Over the years, we at AapkaPainter have established a good reputation in the field of painting services with 10000+ happy customers and 1000+ assured & trusted services to our name. All this is due to our on-time execution and a huge chunk of the credit goes to our trained professionals. We not only have dedicated project managers for every project, but we also provide free home consultations, so that you’re absolutely sure about what you want. You need not worry about the maintenance of hygiene, as our experts are highly trained professionals who never compromise on hygiene. 


    Different types of Services provided by AapkaPainter 


    With AapkaPainter, you get 4 different painting solutions under a single roof. Our painting services cover Interior Wall Painting, Exterior Painting, Wood Painting, and Metal Painting. As part of our interior painting service, we first try to understand your needs and examine your space to calculate the requirements in a better way. We then help you choose the best colour scheme and house paint colours for your home. In case, you wish to go for something more exquisite, you can choose from wall texture paint designs, stencil designs, and much more. Moreover, we also help protect the exteriors of your home with exterior house paint, in order to shield them from mildew, water damage, sun exposure, and other external factors. This restores the sheen of your exteriors while also protecting the structural integrity of your home. 

    Now, coming to our other services, we help restore your furniture, wooden doors, and other wooden accessories to their original form with the help of wood polish. Lastly, with our metal painting service, we protect your metal surfaces such as grills and others that are prone to rusting with a coat of specialized metal paint.


    Interior House Painting Services in Ghaziabad


    AapkaPainter has always offered the best house painting contractor services for Building, Industrial purposes, Corporates, and Offices in Mumbai city for the last decade. Hence, we are well-known as a trusted home painting partner among several house painting services, the reason why we are absolutely unique in our values and terms of services. 


    Who are AapkaPainter Home Services for? 


    Ask yourself the following questions before starting any house painting project in Ghaziabad to get your dream home.   

    • Are you looking for a perfect house painting service in Ghaziabad? • Do you want to complete your house painting project on time in Ghaziabad • Do you want transparency from start to finish during your house painting project in Ghaziabad? • Want an enthusiastic and courageous professional painter in Ghaziabad? If you say “Yes” then Aapkapainter is absolutely for you. We are a one-stop home painting partner in Ghaziabad. So we are also specialists in additional works such as Textures, Waterproofing, and deep cleaning services. Have you ever tried to convert your wall paint ideas into shiny and amazing home walls and make your home look stunning and competitive? If not, then take the first step to give your space a whole new look with Aapkapainter. We have a wide presence in major metropolitan cities including Ghaziabad. 


    Wall Texture Painting Services in Ghaziabad 


    Are you feeling stuck while trying to make the right decision regarding colour selection for textured walls? You are now only one step away from deciding on the right colour because our colour experts will tell you each and every step that helps accomplish a home painting project.

    So first, you need to make the best color selection that enhances your mood once you look at your textured walls with that colour on them. We have long been the best house painters in Ghaziabad, providing a cost-effective package of house painting services. Keep enjoying our house paint designs in Ghaziabad with your choice of colours, and we will convert them into a real design scenario with our best implementation practices to have a long-running experience.


    Wall Stencils Design Services in Ghaziabad


    Nowadays, fabulous Stencils design is an alternative work for wallpaper designing, which is one of the best choices among various interior designers of house painting. AapkaPainter gives a variety of stencils patterns for your house wall design in Ghaziabad, which would suit your mood and give your interior walls a marvelous look. So apply some classic and beautiful stencils of your choice, such as flower-show, nature-inspired, geometry, and devotional, Chelsea FC logo, and many other suitable stencils themes available. You shall take a look at these stencils themes in our previous house painting projects carried out in our customers’ house bedrooms, living rooms, kids’ rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and offices. Convert your Dream Living Room thought into a reality and get inspired today with painters in Ghaziabad and house painting services in Ghaziabad!


    Wood Painting Services in Ghaziabad


    Are you searching for superior house painting services for your Furniture? AapkaPainter is one of the best choices amongst other services as we are the only trusted home painting partner in Mumbai. You just need to give us your mobile number and get quick call assistance from our side, in order to serve you better than others in house painting. So go ahead and fill in the inquiry to get an instant appointment with us!


    Metal Painting Services in Ghaziabad


    Is metal used in your house painting and you are worried about rusting or any damage to their surfaces? AapkaPainter home painting service is the ultimate solution to this problem. Metals are far more vulnerable to exterior exposure damage without any form of protection. Steel is widely used in buildings. Rusting is a very common phenomenon observed in steel, thereby causing the metal underneath to corrode. Get all your painting issues solved with AapkaPainter. We are the best industrial home painters in Ghaziabad for a long era of time now, ensuring the best paint pricing collections. Keep enjoying our house paint designs in Ghaziabad with your choice of colours, and we will convert them into a real design scenario with our best implementation practices to have a long-running experience. 


    Exterior House Painting Services in Ghaziabad


    Our verified professionals are totally dedicated to their job and always complete every home painting project in time. So we can provide you with top-notch home painting services, which makes the whole painting process for you stressless and hassle-free. Go ahead and give us your details for an earlier call-back from our project manager

    What we really do is: 


    • Visit your house for a home inspection to get an overview of your area • Free consultation and colour matching process based on your paint needs and requirements • End-to-end guidance on the home painting project • Completion of the home painting project always in time • Connect with our project manager any time for inquiries and feedbacks • No delay, no waiting for any type of house painting service. Hence, we are the best painters in Ghaziabad for a long era of time. Keep enjoying our house paint designs in Ghaziabad with your choice of colours, and we will convert them into a real design scenario with our best implementation practices to have a long-running experience.


    No matter what your painting needs are, we at Aap Ka Painter will always be there for you!