What Your Wall Paint Colors Say About You

Everyone is drawn to only some wall paint colors for our homes. Most of us choose and prefer only them over the other known colors. Somehow the colors on the walls say a lot about a person.

Let’s find out what the wall colors say about you.


If you have blue or shades of blue painted on the walls, you are believed to be no-nonsense type. You keep it simple and like to have clear conversations with people.

Light Green

This color indicates that you are a good listener and have immense compassion for others. You also have patience and genuine care for people having fears of any kind.


If you are someone who has an inclination towards pink as your wall color then you maybe someone who gets bored easily of the mundane things. You could also be little temperamental and will seek out new experiences every now and then.


If you like the color brown, then you are someone who likes to take rules seriously. You follow and abide by them.

Bright Green

People inclined towards this color have a positive attitude. A go- getter by nature, you also like to comfort others.

Electric Blue

This color reveals that you are a dynamic person. You also don’t think too much about the societal obligations. You go bold with you decisions.


This color reveals an extremely positive personality. You are someone who likes to socialize and love to host large parties at home.


Red reveals an active person. You are full of enthusiasm and energy. You are also youthful in nature with ample of confidence and ambition.

What’s your favourite color?