The 10 richest characters in the Marvel Comic Universe

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 Back to the question, who is the richest Marvel Comics universe, looking for answers you will find many interesting things below.

 Marvel and DC comic characters often have lots of secret weapons, equipment, and bases to retreat to such as Iron Man, Batman, etc.  v … The truth is that to maintain such a lifestyle, they need a huge and stable financial source.

 While some people work day and night like Spider-man or Daredevil, these people live a luxurious life from inheritance, invention and invention, or the taste of a country.  Therefore, in this article, we will evaluate and arrange the 10 richest characters in the Marvel comic book universe.

 10. Moon Knight – The Moon Knight

 Many people think that Marc Spector is like a Marvel version of Bruce Wayne while these are two very different characters, except one thing in common – they all hide “jobs” behind the cover as genuine playboys.

 For Marc Spector, he invested the money he earned as an intelligent boxer and mercenary and has accumulated $ 2.3 billion in assets.  That was enough for him to buy and create equipment, weapons and vehicles for his second life.

 9. Professor X

 Charles Xavier was born into a wealthy family and inherited wealth from his parents.  That’s why he has invested in projects such as the Xavier Institute – a large suburban mansion – weapons and equipment, scientific projects for the X-Men squad for many years.

 Despite spending a lot of money, Charles always spends wisely.  It is also thought that because of his psychic ability, he made money by … placing a bet – a reason why Professor X’s fortune is at 3.5 billion.  dollars.

 8. Norman Osborn

 Norman Osborn runs a well-known corporation like Iron Man, Oscorp, following in the footsteps of his father, Amberson Osborn.  Under Norman’s control, the corporation sprouted up, helping him become truly powerful – one thing that supported his secret identity was the Green Goblin.

 Even after being defeated at the end of the Siege plot and losing everything, Norman Orsborn still has money and assets worth about $ 10 billion hidden around the world making the US government irrevocable.  .

 7. Emma Frost

 Emma Frost is the first and only female Marvel character to make the list.  She is the heir to the Frost family’s assets, and has used them to invest in many companies over time.  Her psychic abilities also helped her close big deals with her partners.

 Not only that, she is also a member of the Hellfire Club – a club only for the richest people in the world.  I don’t know if Frost’s ability to turn into a diamond will partly increase Frost’s wealth, but in terms of money, she has about $ 11 billion.

 6. Reed Richards

 The Fantastic Four is not always rich – they have financial uncertainties, sometimes even losing everything.  But thanks to the talented mind Reed Reed, he invented breakthrough devices that could fund the operations of this heroic group.

 Thanks to his patent, Reed was able to earn large sums of money in a very short time during this era of economic development.  In addition, thanks to his support of the government during the first Civil War, he was returned with the recovered property – about 12 billion dollars.

 5. Wilson Fisk

 Wilson Fisk was born and raised in a poor family, so it is impressive that he was ranked among the richest people in Marvel.  Wilson’s assets are valued at about 40 billion dollars.

 All who stand on Fisk inherit property or are the ruler of a country – while Fisk himself makes money from his bloody hands – from theft, gambling, extortion.  These crimes are hidden in the guise of Kingpin’s spice business.

 4. Tony Stark

 Tony Stark will probably be the first character mentioned when it comes to the word “rich” in the Marvel universe – inheriting his father’s career in the arms trade, plus his remarkable intelligence that made him a  talented inventor (and wealthy).

 3. Doctor Doom

 Doctor Doom is the villain at some point considered to be the strongest Marvel, thanks in part to the chair of the King of the Latverian nation.  Even so, the people of this country still love him because Doom is sure that no one is hungry.

 Doctor Doom often uses his fortune to help the people.  Not only that, but together with hundreds of electronics patents, Doom is currently in third place with a total assets of about $ 100 billion.

 2. Namor

 Namor was the ruler of the oceans and the prince of Atlantis.  Anything that falls into the deep sea will almost fall into this fisherman’s “safe”, including billions of dollars of treasures.

 Not only that, Namor is also the owner of Oracle company.  Even if he paid little attention to the surface world, the $ 260 billion fortune was enough to make ordinary people admire.

 1. Black Panther

 T’Challa is a leader and king for the most developed country in the world.  Because of this position, he has both advanced technology inventions and Vibranium, the two things that shape Wakanda.  At $ 10,000 per gram of Vibranium, Wakanda is the richest country on Earth.

 Judging from the MCU alone, T’Challa has built many buildings on US soil with his bottomless “wallet” – about $ 500 billion – making him the richest person in the Marvel Comic Universe.

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