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Best Summer Colors For Your Interior

Summer is already here and this bright, sunny, hot weather needs some fresh colors to cool down the heat. After learning about “Pros and Cons of Painting in Summer Season” and “How to do Painting in the Summer Season”, it’s time to know about the best summer colors for your interior. The colors which are […]

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Amazingly Cool Bathroom Decor Ideas

Everyone needs a place to escape the heat. Let that place be your home and your bathroom. We all spend a little extra time in the bathroom escaping the heat. Why don’t we make it worthwhile? Let’s find out how. Get inspired by the sea When everything is blue around it makes you feel so calm. […]

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7 Incredible Ways to Cool Home Without the Air- conditioner

The heat is catching up and MAY is yet to come. The weather around this time of the year is totally unforgiving. To deal with this,the most commonly used appliance is the Air- conditioner. However, it is not environment friendly and definitely not pocket friendly. It is also not very healthy to breathe in the recycled air […]

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