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Which is better; Paint Roller or Paint Brush?

Paint Brushes and Paint Rollers have their own importance in the painting domain. Both the tools are necessary at some point or the other while painting. The choice of a particular tool depends upon a few factors. The factors are wall texture, the painting effect that we want to achieve and painting skills. To make […]

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How a Paint is Made?

According to Oxford dictionary,  paint is ‘A colored substance which is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating’. The primary use is for decoration and protection of natural and synthetic materials from changing the environment.  ‘ A Paint contains pigment, a binder, solvents, and additives.    Pigments are natural as well as man-made. […]

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What Paints Are Made of?

Paints are more than just a substance which color your walls. Most accurate scientific description for a paint is a liquid composition which consists of color pigments and is applied on a substrate in a thin layer with the primary purpose of protecting, coloring, decorating and providing a texture to an object. Paints are available […]

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foremost important step to achieve desired and long lasting painting results is figuring out the right paint, suiting your needs and requirements.

How to choose right paint at right price for you

Spread the Love Tweet   Planning to paint your homes? While painting homes, is quickest way to give your homes an amazing makeover, the hard part is choosing the right paint for your painting needs. Whether you are doing interior painting or exterior painting, or a coat or two on metal or wood, primary and […]

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