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Most Popular Paint Colors for A Living Room

The living room effect can make or break the entire house’s impression. So choosing paint color wisely is a must. Light shades of white, pale blue, cream are most popular paint colors for a living room as they are elegant and adds to the value of the interior. The Color Palladian Blue Palladian Blue or […]

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Interior Painting Ideas for your Home

A colorful interior is an essential part of a beautiful household. An eye- catching interior puts a good impression on the audience and makes the home lively. The interior painting ideas have been suggested below to help you plan a beautiful interior. House Entrance A beautiful house entrance is a way to go. Painting outer walls […]

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Home Colours that Affect Your Mind

Spread the Love Tweet Colors have a huge impact on your mind and moods. According to Color psychology, colors can affect your perception. It basically influences your mind and moods in a subtle manner. Let’s explore how. Blue – Serenity, Intelligence and Protection Blue is sign of great achievements and goals. It also has a soothing […]

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How to Create Great Colour Combinations for Your Home

Your home needs your attention time and again. You sometimes wish you had painted a wall differently to make your frames look more appealing. You also must have thought to not use a color again. But, any color in combination can change the face of your home.  Its said there is no such thing called […]

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3 Amazing Ways To Decorate Your House With Black and White

Classic contrast and inherently chic, nothing quite makes a statement like black and white.  From walls to furniture, to accents and accessories, you can have as much or as little of black and white as your heart desires. Black and white stripes are timeless and can instantly add interest to an otherwise basic space. These […]

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Paint Magic : Use colours to change the size of your room

Color is the least expensive way to remodel a room to fit any lifestyle. As we use color it is important to understand it’s subtle yet fundamental in designing the space of the room. Certain colors can make your room look bigger or smaller than it actually is. In space starved cities it is important […]

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Understanding Colours

Colors have the immense capacity to change your mood. Different colors have different effect on your moods, your thoughts, even your eating habits. If it surprises you, try changing the color of your kitchen or even your bedroom and see the difference. Let’s define some of them to make our choice of colors a fruitful […]

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Colour Your Home Happy

Happiness can be easily associated with colors. Psychologists believe that certain color stimulates your brain which automatically releases happy hormones. So is the effect when you paint your house with these happy colors. With jobs and families that demands timely attention,choosing the right color for your home can ensure a happy environment for you and […]

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