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7 Ways to Save Your Home This Monsoon

The Rains are here! Very much here! With the blissful water pouring, the chai and pakoda session, the getting drenched – because -it-feels-good -session comes the absolutely annoying leaking problems, fungus on wooden furniture and  wet floors. Follow these not so easy steps but absolutely essential steps to take care of your house this rainy season. 1) Dry Cloth […]

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Beat The Monsoon Blues, Red!

Bumpy rides to office, steering through traffic dodging nasty pot-holes, soiled shoes and uniforms that wouldn’t dry soon! Monsoon’s here, splashing water all over. And we finally have reasons right to stay indoors, munching super-hot onion pakoras. If that’s what we got to do the entire season, why not add more flavour to it? Paint […]

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