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Inexpensive Home Decor

Home decoration is one exotic project. Even a single piece of paper can be a great home decor element if used wisely at the right place. Though Big expensive décor elements add value to your home, small recycled elements can also make a beautiful home. You can decorate your home for very less by using […]

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Most Popular Kitchen Paint Colors

A kitchen is not just for cooking, people spend most of their time in the kitchen. Since it is the most used area in a home, choosing the right color is the best idea. Instead of choosing a dramatic color which might be overwhelming, a simple but comforting color can make your stay in the kitchen delightful. […]

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Color Ideas for A Small Room

The struggle with a small room in a house is, it’s small! A right paint color for a small room can change the whole appearance of the room. It makes the room look bigger and better. White or any bright shade makes a room look bigger is an old and common misconception. Before picking up a color […]

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Home Decor : Go the Unconventional way!

Spread the Love Tweet The best kind of homes are ones that never cease to amaze us. Everything else is too main stream. We are all a big fan of everything clean and sorted but organized mess is the in- thing and adopting a style like one can be so much fun and dynamic in nature. […]

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Silk_Arabian Decor

Interior Decor : Hot from The Arab

The Arabian nights are the most sought after nights and so are the Arabian home decors. They are known for their extravagance and their silk fabric. Together, they bring about the most luxurious looking home décor of all times. Let’s explore some of the integral components of this home style. Lamp Shades The most visible home […]

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Lil’ Spain in Your Home

Spain! The word itself connotes a relaxing environment. A beautiful lawn and some comfortable chairs and plate full of wholesome meal are all you need to set up your Spanish style home. Let’s explore some easy to follow steps to make your home your own little Spain! Low Seating Arrangement It’s all about the comfort. […]

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Decorating Interiors: The Mediterranean Way

Hearing the word Mediterranean simply activates our taste buds for their flavorful,mouth watering cuisine. Mediterranean culture has a profound influence not just on food, but in music and greatly in home decor as well. Mediterranean-style homes,traditionally found in Spain, France and Italy, have certain definitive aspects like low roof and lot of red colors on the walls. They also exhibit […]

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Garden tips

Grow a Garden and More Beauty to Home

If you have your own garden space, you are just plain lucky! Garden can totally bring that much needed nature in your home. It’s the freshness, the joy of seeing something grow, the joy of nurturing. There is so much more to a garden than what the eyes meet. It’s a feeling. A feeling that […]

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Quick Makeover Tips

Recipe For a Quick Makeover

We somehow tend to forget the small details that make a huge difference. And that most of these are inexpensive and effective and can be bought from the flea markets. Let’s focus on some of them that can make a lot of difference. Pillows Pillows can instantly make the look of your room. Invest in […]

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Dil se Indian, Ghar hai Guarantee!

What are the first few words that strike your mind when you think about Indian- ness? Colours, designs, earthen look, green plants, pots, copper/ brass accessories.Every person has a different taste and will feel the connect with something that is close to their nature. While doing your home, choose the décor style that suits your […]

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