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Make Your Home Festive Ready

Spread the Love Tweet The season of festivals is here. There could not be any better time to give your home the much deserved makeover. Give your home that welcoming glow and warmth, with these easy tips. Plan your expenses The most celebrated month is here. With celebrations come a lot of expenses as well. […]

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Ways to Decorate Your Pooja Room

Spread the Love Tweet Pooja Room or the place we worship is the most spiritual place of our house. We offer our deep gratitude towards almighty God in this part of our home. Let’s find out best way to decorate this holy place in our home. Choose the Direction Choosing a place of worship is the most important […]

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What’s your Raashi? Home décor Influenced by Zodiac Signs

Spread the Love Tweet Our personality shines in every aspect of our life. We decorate everything around us, to suit our personality. Well, isnt then our Zodiac and decor a way bit connected? Let’s figure out how Zodiac signs influence home décor. 1. Capricorn ( December 22 to January 19) Capricorn is all about traditions. They […]

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7 Essential of Modern Living Room

A living room is the heart of your home. A modern living room consists of all modern décor however, giving you the utmost comfort. We focus on some of the must- haves in you modern living room. Accent wall The best possible way to give your home the modern look is by highlighting one of the walls […]

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7 Essential Tips For Home Makeover Project

Whether you bought a new home for self or you wish to renovate the old one, the hassle and the joy of the process can be simply overwhelming. Sometimes, it can also break you down to an extent that you end up making hurried decisions. Nonetheless, we break down this uphill task in some really important steps that […]

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Experience Realms of Happiness with Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is the age old knowledge which if incorporated in particular manner is believed to give you abundance in life. If you experience certain issues at home you can include some these easy to follow tips and experience changes. Dolphins It’s simply lucky to have pictures of dolphins or Fish at home. It brings […]

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4 Creative Ways to Decorate a Rented Space

House hunting has almost become inevitable these days.Renting an apartment can give you the luxury of moving your base whenever you feel like. Usually that involves a lot of compromises for you may to settle for smaller balcony and not so friendly clauses in rental agreement. Do not let anything grab the liberty of defining your space, your way.Here […]

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Gear Up for the Festive Season

The next big season is almost here. Just two weeks away from the 9 days celebration of Goddess Durga.Navratri and Durga Pooja both bring in a lot of positive vibes at home. Ladies out there, now is the time to do most of the shopping for yourself and your home. Listing here a few suggestions […]

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Kitchen Cabinets

Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

It’s a myth that to make your home look like a million bucks you need to spend million bucks. All you need is creativity and lots of it. Presenting you some mind blowing tips to give your home that million dollar look. Rug it up To make your small space look big use a large […]

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Decor Style - Indian

4 Decor Essentials For Beautiful Indian Themed Home

When it comes to designing your home there are some ground rules which cannot be underestimated. When it comes Indian style home décor, there 4 essentials that must be taken absolutely seriously. Colors  To give your home the perfect theme based décor; select the colors that make it look welcoming and warm.Indians like warm colors like shades of orange […]

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