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5 Sparkling Tips for Your Home

Summer , time to welcome guests at home. This also means your home needs your undivided attention. Let’s look at some incredible simple ways, to leave your home sparkling clean and impress all. Sink in Lemon! There is always that unused lemon half in our fridge. Use it to clean stainless steel fixtures like kitchen sink and faucets. Rub […]

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5 Smart Weekend Ways for Organized Home

Weekend is just around the corner. Some of us have plans and some just laze around the entire day. While it is a much required break and absolutely rejuvenates your battery levels, one part of your life might require the much needed attention, your home! Well, we don’t promote that you tire yourself over the […]

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Home Cleaning

How to Prep Your Home for Diwali

With Diwali just around the corner, it’s mayhem at most homes.Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s the cleaning part! No matter how well equipped you think you are for the cleaning process it’s still a very draining and exhausting process for the entire family. Let’s break down this humongous task into organized bits to […]

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