Author: Rinku Das

Senior Staff Psychologist, Counseling Service, Part-time assistant professor at B.N.Bandodkar College of Science,Thane(W)


4 Ways to Let Less Speak More at Home

City life brings a lot of mobility in netizen’s life. Moving with the furniture then is hassling and mentally taxing. Minimalistic décor comes as a life saver for such ever moving and every changing resident. Let’s focus on the how less is more and surprisingly charming. Colors Choose a basic color; nothing too extravagant. Remember, […]

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Its How the French do Interiors!

The French style is all about elegance and a lot of it. It’s about a lot of rich color combination. Everything royal is so French! This style is one of the best ones. Try some simple ways to make your home look the elegant French! Colors :Repeat your colors. The French don’t like too many […]

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Silk_Arabian Decor

Interior Decor : Hot from The Arab

The Arabian nights are the most sought after nights and so are the Arabian home decors. They are known for their extravagance and their silk fabric. Together, they bring about the most luxurious looking home décor of all times. Let’s explore some of the integral components of this home style. Lamp Shades The most visible home […]

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Lil’ Spain in Your Home

Spain! The word itself connotes a relaxing environment. A beautiful lawn and some comfortable chairs and plate full of wholesome meal are all you need to set up your Spanish style home. Let’s explore some easy to follow steps to make your home your own little Spain! Low Seating Arrangement It’s all about the comfort. […]

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Decorating Interiors: The Mediterranean Way

Hearing the word Mediterranean simply activates our taste buds for their flavorful,mouth watering cuisine. Mediterranean culture has a profound influence not just on food, but in music and greatly in home decor as well. Mediterranean-style homes,traditionally found in Spain, France and Italy, have certain definitive aspects like low roof and lot of red colors on the walls. They also exhibit […]

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Home Cleaning

How to Prep Your Home for Diwali

With Diwali just around the corner, it’s mayhem at most homes.Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s the cleaning part! No matter how well equipped you think you are for the cleaning process it’s still a very draining and exhausting process for the entire family. Let’s break down this humongous task into organized bits to […]

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4 Creative Ways to Decorate a Rented Space

House hunting has almost become inevitable these days.Renting an apartment can give you the luxury of moving your base whenever you feel like. Usually that involves a lot of compromises for you may to settle for smaller balcony and not so friendly clauses in rental agreement. Do not let anything grab the liberty of defining your space, your way.Here […]

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Kitchen_Instant Perk Up

5 Instant Ways to Perk Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where the health of your family is taken care of. However, most often we forget that the kitchen too can have its own personality. Here we share five amazing ways to perk up your kitchen and give it a personal touch! Color the Cabinets Cabinets need not […]

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Feng Shui : Colours for Your Home

Feng Shui  has a profound effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual well- being. According to Feng Shui, colours are connected to the five elements of nature namely earth,fire, metal, water and wood.These together play a significant role in balancing our living spaces. Very philosophy of Feng Shui is to harmonize with surrounding environment.Some of the colour […]

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3 Must Do’s This Durga Puja

Welcome the Goddess, home, royally, to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Here are the 3 must Do’s this season. Set Her Throne. You can buy theme based thermocol temple for the Asan of the goddess. You can either buy them readymade or can also invest some time in making it yourself. That will […]

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