Author: Rinku Das

Senior Staff Psychologist, Counseling Service, Part-time assistant professor at B.N.Bandodkar College of Science,Thane(W)


4 Exciting Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and its just going get hotter. Why not invest time in decorating your home, your haven and beat the heat!This could also be a fun activity for you to spend some quality time with your family especially with children around. Sharing with you some super exciting ideas to colour […]

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5 Incredible Hallway Decorating Ideas

Experts say that, it’s easy to ignore the hallway but no one knows how incredible a hallway can look that can change the face of your home. Hallway is the little passage that connects two rooms of your house. Let’s see what can be done to decorate and make it look like incredible. Keep it […]

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Living Room Essentials

Your living room is practically the face of your home. A place you like to unwind and have a good time with your family and friends. It’s essential to mark what is important for you to place in your living room. Hence, we bring you some basic steps to decorate and place your essentials in […]

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The Art of Wallpaper, Unleashed!

Walls are not only meant for coloring. If you are a little tight on the budget but still wish to re-do one of your walls then wallpaper is your new best friend. Wallpapers come for all budgets and in all variety and variation. Pick and choose.                   […]

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5 essentials of Cottage style Home Décor

Cottage style is one of those styles that make us feel comfortable just by the name of it. Comfort at its best. These days a lot of popular destinations have added this one feature in their brochure. Nothing really matches the rugged and the true country style living tradition. So let’s explore some of the […]

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3 Lil’ Secrets for a Flawless Home

All of us have meet people who in spite of a hectic schedule manage to keep their home flawlessly clean and every time wondered how do they manage to do so? Well, we bring you the 3 secrets to keep your home look clean almost every time. Do these daily Well, it doesn’t mean that […]

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Kid’s Room : Quick Fixes

Kid’s room! The name itself rings a bell. Kids room is all about things lying around almost every place , everywhere. Most mothers just wish and hope that it all cleans up by itself. But, it most definitely does not.We bring in some quick fixes for your little one’s. Throw out broken crayons Little one […]

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Colour Trends for 2016

It’s always cool to be in trend. Same applies to our home walls. Let’s check out the most trendy color pallets for this year. White and Off white   White has come a big way. White not only makes your home look royal and neat but also brings out the authenticity of your furniture in […]

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5 Smart Weekend Ways for Organized Home

Weekend is just around the corner. Some of us have plans and some just laze around the entire day. While it is a much required break and absolutely rejuvenates your battery levels, one part of your life might require the much needed attention, your home! Well, we don’t promote that you tire yourself over the […]

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