Author: Rinku Das

Senior Staff Psychologist, Counseling Service, Part-time assistant professor at B.N.Bandodkar College of Science,Thane(W)

What’s your Raashi? Home décor Influenced by Zodiac Signs

Spread the Love Tweet Our personality shines in every aspect of our life. We decorate everything around us, to suit our personality. Well, isnt then our Zodiac and decor a way bit connected? Let’s figure out how Zodiac signs influence home décor. 1. Capricorn ( December 22 to January 19) Capricorn is all about traditions. They […]

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8 Home Measures to Stay Healthy During Rains

Spread the Love Tweet July is the month of sickness. Almost everyone has some or the other symptoms of cold, cough or fever. Although they are not really malicious but as the saying goes, A stitch in time saves nine. Certain precautionary measures, if taken timely can reduce the risk of health risk further. So let’s see […]

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5 Elements of Life & Their Impact

Spread the Love Tweet We are all aware of the fact that our lives are balanced by 5 basic elements of nature called as Panchmahabootas- Earth,  Water, Fire , Air and  Space. All of these have crucial impact on our lives. If we balance them strategically in our homes, it will give us the best […]

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Home Colours that Affect Your Mind

Spread the Love Tweet Colors have a huge impact on your mind and moods. According to Color psychology, colors can affect your perception. It basically influences your mind and moods in a subtle manner. Let’s explore how. Blue – Serenity, Intelligence and Protection Blue is sign of great achievements and goals. It also has a soothing […]

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7 Essential of Modern Living Room

A living room is the heart of your home. A modern living room consists of all modern décor however, giving you the utmost comfort. We focus on some of the must- haves in you modern living room. Accent wall The best possible way to give your home the modern look is by highlighting one of the walls […]

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5 Best Bedroom Colors

The best bedroom colors bring out the best in you. You can get as creative as you can with the bedroom. We bring you come of the most creative color combination to make your bedroom the best place to spend time. Blue and Orange  The color blue and orange go very well with your bedroom theme. Blue […]

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5 Trendiest Colors of 2016!

2016 has bought some of the trendiest colors for our walls. Let’s explore them all and paint your walls with these hottest colors. Purple The color purple is the most sophisticated and warm of all colors. However, it has to be coupled with warmer shades of cool hues like grey. This makes the wall look elegant.Another […]

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Protect Your Home This Rainy Season

It is needless to say how rains can play havoc to your home. So we bring you some precautionary measures to protect your home from the harsh winds. Repair all the cracks Cracks are vicious. They can torture your walls and weaken them in the long run. So, let them be fixed in time. Rains […]

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5 Amazing Kids Craft Ideas for this Rainy Season.

Rainy season can be easily labelled as the most romantic season of all. Especially, after the hot summer, it’s such a welcome relief. However, it is sometimes not very welcomed by kids, especially once they are done with the initial days of drenching themselves. Then comes the heavy showers and they are practically left with […]

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5 Quick Ways for an Eco friendly Home

One cannot emphasize more on how environment has become one of the most talked after topic in the recent times.We all talk about it and all are surrounded by it.It has left a huge impact on us and we all feel there are some substantial changes taking place. Well, to suit our needs,here are some ideas to […]

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