A Complete Guide to Buying Land in Bangalore by Government Authority

People often buy property in Bangalore for investment purpose, but there are people who want to buy property for living purposes as well. Whichever may be the case, it is always better to check and make sure that the property is completely legal, because of the rising figures of Akrama Sakrama and GPAscams that have been reported in Bangalore. Here are some guidelines for you to help navigate through the world of Bangalore Real Estate:

Review the title deed

The title deed is the most important document you must check when you buy a plot. The title deed (proves ownership of the land) must be in the hands of the seller of any plot.It provides a history of ownership of the land. Who were the previous owners?

It has information about the change in ownership of the land (as it is transferred between owners as a sale, gift, or an inheritance).Trace the ownership of the land and check for any discrepancies. If you find any gap in ownership of the land, look up the revenue records of the plot. Always check the original title deed of the land. The title deed of the plot must be clear and marketable.

The seller must have the sale deed

Property for sale in Bangalore must have a sale deed, which presents the seller the right to sell. It transfers the ownership of the plot from the seller to you. Ensure that the seller of the plot has the sale deed. Make a draft sale deed between you and the seller on a non-judicial stamp paper.The sale deed contains your name and address as well as the sellers’ name and address. It also contains the details of the land, such as its address (identification number), location, and the area of the land (layout).

You and the seller must agree on some pertinent details about the sale.The sale deed mentions the date the seller hands over the land to you along with all the relevant land records. After you and the seller of the plot of land have an agreement, the sale deed is registered in the sub-registrar’s office in front of a witness.You, the buyer will pay the stamp duty and the registration charges.

Check for the Encumbrance certificate

You should check if the plot has an encumbrance certificate. The land you buy may have been mortgaged as security (debt) to a third party or a bank.The seller could have mortgaged this land as collateral for a loan. The encumbrance certificate states that the land has no mortgages debts or legal problems (litigation).You should checkat the sub-registrar’s office for any encumbrances on the land.

 DC Converted Land in Bangalore

All land in Karnataka is considered as agricultural land. If this land is to be used for construction (both residential and commercial), it must be converted to non-agricultural land. This is called land use conversion. When you select a buy property in Bangalore and get the land converted, the value of your plot rises if it can be used for construction. A Deputy Commissioner converts agricultural land to non-agricultural land. The converted land is known as DC converted the land.

The Department of Town and Country Planning will issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the land to be converted. The Deputy Commissioner checks that the Department of Town and Country Planning has approved the land for land use conversion and then it is converted. DC conversion is mandatory for the plot to get an A Khata certificate.

Check if it is an A Khata land

“Khata” means “account.”Khata helps you find out land’s details from the Municipal registrar. It means that the owner of the land has been paying the property tax. A Khata land falls under the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) authority and signifies a legally developed land with valid sanctions and approvals.

When you buy a house for sale in Bangalore, it can be a very profitable exercise if you do your due diligence in the right way. If you buy land hastily, then you may regret it later.